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1st Annual Comet Classic Volleyball Boys Practice Tournament

When : Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where : Crestwood High School Gymnasium

Cost : $125 per team

Teams: 10 teams will be accepted to the tournament.
About the Tournament: The point of the practice tournament is to give each team as much
playing time as possible before the start of the regular season. This
way coaches have a chance to try different lineups or fix any problems before the start of the season. The way this scrimmage is set up is to expose teams to different levels of competition, and to play against 9 teams instead of only 1.
Pool Play: Every team will play everybody at the scrimmage. We will be playing one 16 minute match against each team. The match will be broken up into two 8 minutes periods. Coaches will have 2 minutes between the match to make any changes, or put in a new lineup.
Warm-ups: Will consist of 5 minutes for your first match, and 3 minutes every match after.
Officials: There will be officials at the tournament to officiate all matches. We will not be keeping track of substitutions or score.
Scrimmage Rules: For this to count as only one scrimmage against your school, the following rules must be followed. We will not be keeping score at the scrimmage. Coaches are allowed to keep track of their own scores, but we are unable to keep track of it for you. The matches are set at 16 minutes each so that no team goes over 2 ½ hours of court time. This way we are cleared under PIAA guidelines to count as only one scrimmage.
Work Teams: Each team must supply 2 line judges, and 1 down official.

Team Name _______________________________ Will attend _______
Coaches Name _____________________________ Will not attend______
Coaches phone number _______________________
Please make all checks payable to Crestwood Boys Volleyball Booster Club. If you need any information or would like to R.S.V. P. by phone, contact Head Coach Justin Udzella at 570-760-3531.
Return forms can be sent to:
Crestwood High School
281 S Mountain Blvd
Mountain Top, PA 18707
Attention: Volleyball
Thank you very much.